Price Optimization

Find out if you are paying more than you should!

Many companies could increase their profits by making savings by performing a simple analysis on their current solution portfolio. However, many companies automatically renew their old agreements and solutions without even comparing their offers. Often companies do not have the time or expertise to modernize their portfolio. Many of our customers were aware of the fact that they were overcharged, preferred however to do nothing, as they were afraid of the impacts and consequences this might have on costs and quality of their operations.

Comparing the market prices and negotiating better tariffs can be a quite complex and challenging process. PBC Consultants has the needed experience to support your company in getting the best rate for your business and arrange a smooth transition.

Please provide us a summary of your business, your daily payment amount and flow together with your current payment/FX fee. Our payment experts will review your conditions and try to find a better rate for you.

On average our clients are saving 30% by comparing their agreements with alternative service providers for their businesses while increasing their business performance.