About Us

Our business activities reflect our sound understanding of the global payment ecosystem and never-ending passion for financial innovations in the payment industry.
Professional advice and the highest quality product standards are a matter of course at PBC Consultants. Every day, we are keen to find new state of the art solutions that meet the needs of our demanding international clients.
Our company takes great pride in helping corporate clients, payment service providers and banks all around the world. We devise a unique approach for each client and offer best-in-class solutions that meet our client’s precise needs in the fast-paced payment industry.
PBC Consultants is an international leading consultancy firm, focusing on the payment industry. With 60+ combined experience in the industry, our team of payment and banking experts consult clients on their existing payment flow offering them an alternative solutions to optimize their payment flow and cut costs.

Being a global company, we make sure we have all the in-depth industry knowledge that is needed to be successful in the local markets. Our consultants, therefore, work onsite on a regular basis and maintain non-stop our international networks. Our mission is to develop long-term partnerships with a personally tailored approach.

The PBC Consultants team consists of proven industry leaders from the banking and legal industry with extensive experience both on the demand (merchant) and supply (Payment Service Provider, acquirer, scheme) sides. This is carried out with a focus on sales and business development, operations, risk, compliance, valuation and due diligence.

Customers choose us because we’re a payment expert with a successful track record of helping firms of all sizes. They value our clear view of best practice and its execution-drawn from our wide-ranging client exposure. Ultimately, we deliver clients with great value due to our agile, action-oriented and straightforward approach – we are collaborative, client-focused culture – delivered by exceptional people with extensive regulatory and corporate experience.